Врач- уролог Нугманов Чингиз Аскарович
улица Толе Би, 99 081100 Казахстан, Алматы
+7 727 234–34–34 +7 771 934–34–34 nugmanov@irm.kz

We apply the best achievements of urology and andrology for life and high-grade mens health


English speaking urologist in Almaty. So please, welcome our foreign guests.

Dr. Chingiz A. Nugmanov, board-certified andrologist and urolgist, is committed to helping patients achieve their men’s health by offering a broad array of the most innovative treatments available. Professional area includes sexual health, reproductive difficulties, low testosterone therapy, urogenital deseases and others. Extensively trained in a comprehensive selection of procedures, including penile surgery, genital microsurgery, Dr. Nugmanov has devoted his life to becoming a respected and esteemed leader in the field of andrology/urology and establishing his practice as a destination for men’s reproductive health.

Education / Training

2003 MD degree
Asfendiyarov Kazakh National Medical University

2006 Residentship in Urology
Extension Course Institute for Medical Practioners, Almaty. 

2006-2007 Internship in Internal Medicine
Kazakh Medical University. Scientific Center of Urology, Almaty Kazakhstan

2008 Professional Development Course "Surgery in andrology"
Russian Medical Academy of Postdiploma Education. Moscow

2009 Vienna school of clinical research "introduction to Good Clinical Practice"

2015 Shockwave therapy in urology. Czech, Prague. 

2007-2016 Annual attendance in international urological meetings across the globe. 


Andrologist, research associate, 2007 to 2013

Scientific Center of Urology, Almaty Kazakhstan.


Andrology department, Reproductive Medicine Institute (IVF clinic), Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Clinical skills

Scrotal ultrasonography

Introcavernous punction/injections

Suturing skills, Percutaneus cystocostomy

Bladder Catheterisation


Shockwave therapy in urology

Surgical skills

Circumcision, frenuloplasty, scrotoplasty, urethroplasty (including substitution with buccal mucosa, skin flaps, etc), hypospady/epyspady repair, Peyronie desease/penile curvature repair ( including various graft reconstruction), penile implantation surgery (malleable, inflatable), scrotal implants, penile enlargement surgery, orchidopexy, orchidectomy, testis biopsy, TESA/PESA, MicroTESE, no-scalpel vasectomy, gynecomasty resection, clitoroplasty, sex change surgery (MtF, FtM, neovaginoplasty, neoclitoroplasty, methoideoplasty)

Microsurgical skills: varicocelectomy, MicroTESE, vaso-vaso/vasoepidydimosthomy.

More then 2000 personal surgeries performed since 2007.

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